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Qantas brisbane chairmans lounge, 2018

The Qantas Chairmans Lounge in Brisbane was a three year labour of love. Designed in collaboration with Felice Carlino of Sumu Design, the Chairmans Lounge concept represents the highest echelon of lounge offered by Qantas. Membership is strictly at the invitation of Qantas Group CEO, Alan Joyce and this is reflected by the unmarked, brush brass entrance. Careful attention was paid to details and materials to ensure this lounge expressed a luxurious, mature and understated feel. Bespoke wool carpets, a hand-made palladiana floor and machined solid walnut feature as architectural details repeated throughout the space. Bespoke furniture was created by the BLOC factory in Melbourne especially for this space in order to ensure a consistent language throughout. The design in it's entirety represents attention to detail and careful creation of an atmosphere to reflect or relax prior to flight.

Designed in collaboration with Sumu Design

Photography by Lucas Muro

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