Designed by David Caon in collaboration with Christopher Farr and Gregory Parkinson for the Wallpaper* Handmade Wellness + Wonder Exhibition, Salone del Mobile.

WALLPAPER_handmade-2018.006 copy.jpg
WALLPAPER_handmade_press_shot_043 copy.jpg
caon 1W2A0683.jpg

Qantas brisbane chairmans lounge, 2018

The Qantas Chairmans Lounge in Brisbane was a three year labour of love. Designed in collaboration with Felice Carlino of Sumu Design, the Chairmans Lounge concept represents the highest echelon of lounge offered by Qantas. Membership is strictly at the invitation of Qantas Group CEO, Alan Joyce and this is reflected by the unmarked, brush brass entrance. Careful attention was paid to details and materials to ensure this lounge expressed a luxurious, mature and understated feel. Bespoke wool carpets, a hand-made palladiana floor and machined solid walnut feature as architectural details repeated throughout the space. Bespoke furniture was created by the BLOC factory in Melbourne especially for this space in order to ensure a consistent language throughout. The design in it's entirety represents attention to detail and careful creation of an atmosphere to reflect or relax prior to flight.

Designed in collaboration with Sumu Design

Photography by Lucas Muro

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caon 1W2A0645.jpg
caon 1W2A0625.jpg
caon 1W2A0291.jpg
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Qantas PERTH TRANSIT lounge, 2018


Lounge-seating-2 copy.jpg
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Qantas_180322_6049 copy.jpg
Lounge-seating-1 copy.jpg
1 CAON_QF_Product-15+copy.jpg

Qantas TablewarE, 2017

A lightweight set of tableware designed for Qantas Airways for use on aircraft and in lounges.
The collection is comprised of a 5 piece flatware set in brushed stainless steel, a 4-piece glassware set in lead and barium free crystal and a 16-piece crockery set in Bone China by Noritake.

Photography by Caon Design Office

3 CAON_QF_Product-32+copy.jpg
4 CAON_QF_Product-27+copy.jpg
5 CAON_QF_Product-23+copy.jpg
6 CAON_QF_Product-10+copy.jpg
7 CAON_QF_Product-30+copy.jpg
10 CAON_QF_Product-22+copy.jpg
8 CAON_QF_Product-24+copy.jpg
11 CAON_QF_Product-33+copy.jpg
12 CAON_QF_Product-34.jpg
13 CAON_QF_Product-19+copy.jpg
14 CAON_QF_Product-28+copy.jpg
01 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7415_RT_DE_v3.jpg

Qantas premium economy seat, 2017

The new Qantas premium economy seat, launching on the airline's Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft has designed specifically for ultra-long haul travel. Developed in conjunction with Thompson Aerospace in the UK, this bespoke design includes custom laminates, leathers and fabrics created by Caon Design Office.

Photography by Tom Ferguson

02 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7522_DE_v3.jpg
03 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7511_DE.jpg
05 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7540_DE.jpg
09 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7605_RT.jpg
06 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7689_DE.jpg
07 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7391_DE.jpg
04 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7699_RT_DE.jpg
11 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7701_DE+SMALL.jpg
10 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7573_DE_v3_SML.jpg
Caon_QF Seats_0A8A7699_RT_DE_B+W.jpg
01 BLOC_RED_03_sml.jpg


The BLOC system of modular furniture is a distillation of Caon's extensive experience devising award-winning aviation interiors. Just as aeroplane premium seating must do double time as support for long haul leisure and work activities, so too does the Bloc system facilitate long days spent in today’s deconstructed office environments. BLOC is manufactured in Australia and available through Living Edge.

Photography by Felix Forest  
Photography by Tom Ferguson


For sales inquiries, contact Living Edge 


02 Caon+Studio_Bloc_0A8A2471_RT2.jpg
08 Caon+Studio_Bloc_0A8A2514_RT.jpg
09 Caon+Studio_Bloc_0A8A2547.jpg
05 BLOC_GREY_01_sml.jpg
03 150811+-+CAON+STUDIO+-+BLOC-0126sml.jpg
06 150811+-+CAON+STUDIO+-+BLOC-0124sml.jpg
10 Render+[2]+RT+SML+Website.jpg
07 150811+-+CAON+STUDIO+-+BLOC-0165sml.jpg
Caon Studio_Bloc_0A8A2471_RT2 B+w.jpg
05 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7719_RT_DE_v3.jpg

Qantas economy seat, 2017

The Qantas Economy seat for the company's Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner has been designed for ultra-long haul routes. Based on a featherlite Recaro seat, the studio worked closely with the iconic German manufacturer to develop refined levels of comfort and new features. Included exclusively in this version of the Recaro seat is a tablet holder, mood light, foot net and bespoke fabrics designed by Caon.

Photography by Tom Ferguson

01 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7730_RT_DE.jpg
02 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7803_RT_DE.jpg
03 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7857_RT_DE_v2.jpg
06 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7795_RT_DE.jpg
07 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7818_DE.jpg
04 Caon_QF+Seats_0A8A7764_DE_v3.jpg
Caon_QF Seats_0A8A7795_RT_DE_B+W.jpg
01 cam_4_View04_rt.jpg

Darling point residence, 2016

A on going private commission to redevelop an apartment overlooking Sydney harbour

02 cam_4_View03_rt.jpg
03 cam_4_View02_rt.jpg
04 cam_4_View01_rt.jpg
05 Pages-from-151112-DPR-presentation.jpg
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Portfolio 4 copy.jpg
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Portfolio 6 copy.jpg
Portfolio 7 copy.jpg
Portfolio 8 copy copy.jpg
Paloma Storefront 2.jpg
Salon exterior photography by Esteban La Tessa

Salon exterior photography by Esteban La Tessa

Portfolio 7 copy THUMB.jpg
01 Q-Lounge-SIN-06.jpg

Qantas singapore lounge, 2013

The Qantas Singapore Lounge, designed in collaboration with Felice Carlino of Sumu Design, was the first lounge to explore the 'Premium' concept combining facilities for First and Business class passengers and set the brief for all new Qantas Lounges. The design referenced the streets of Singapore as a concept to inject a regional relevance to the feel of the environment. Caon Design office developed bespoke products for the majority of the furniture used throughout the lounge.

Designed in collaboration with Sumu Design

02 Q-Lounge-SIN-05.jpg
03 Q-Lounge-SIN-04.jpg
04 Q-Lounge-SIN-03.jpg
05 Q+Lounge+SIN+01.jpg
07 Q-Lounge-SIN-07.jpg
xx QF SIN 03b BW.jpg
01 HK1.jpg

Qantas Hong kong lounge, 2014

The Qantas Lounge in Hong Kong, designed in collaboration with Felice Carlino of Sumu Design, was the second design to incorporate the 'Premium' concept to service both First and Business Class passengers. The landscape of the city of Hong Kong formed the basis of the concept and influenced the selection of materials and colours. Black steel framework hides existing services and creates zones in an open space. Earthenware stone tiles reflect the vibrancy of the city while also paying homage to the extensive use of tiles to clad buildings in this bustling Asian hub. Aside from the creative direction of the interior design, Caon Design Office also designed most of the furniture deployed throughout the space.

Designed in collaboration with Sumu Design

03 HK2.jpg
02 HK3.jpg
04 HK5.jpg
05 HK4.jpg
06 HK6.jpg
07 HK7.jpg
Two Seats + Sea [2].jpg


A small range of timber furniture designed for manufacture in New South Wales Australia. The Vignette table incorporates a glass top with a printed gradient interlayer and plays with opacity towards the seated user. The Ghillie, a timber chair designed as a graphical platform for applied finishes with softened shapes and configured in both dining and easy proportions.

Photography by Felix Forest 
Computer imagery by Caon Design Office


Contact Anomaly

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02 Single+Seat.jpg
04 3D-Data.jpg

A design study undertaken in 2013 for a staggered configuration Business class seat

02 MR_Impossible_NewRender (1).jpg

impossible, industreal model ideas, 2003

Impossible jug was a design produced for the Model Ideas exhibition during Milan Salone Del Mobile, 2003. Model Ideas sought to introduce 3D printed samples as objects in their own right and the designers were encouraged to produce designs which couldn't be achieved by other means. 3D printing was a relatively new and inaccessible medium and post the exhibition many of the designs were put into limited production

Photography by Ilvio Gallo
Computer generated imagery by Caon Design Office

01 industreal_01.jpg
150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-2875.jpg


150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-2952.jpg
150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-2980.jpg
150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-3102.jpg
150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-3112.jpg
150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-3044.jpg
150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-3117.jpg
150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-3122.jpg
150514 - AJE - STRAND ARCADE-3122 copy.jpg